MEMS Product Creation : Assembly, Testing and Characterization
Product Design MEMS Fabrication Assembly, Testing and Characterization
Microelectronics Wafer Dicing Saw Electronics Integration Custom-built test & characterization System
Dicing MEMS fabrication is a batch process, yielding thousands of per run. Dicing is the process of separating the batch of sensors on a wafer into individual sensors that can be assembled into the complete product.
Assembly & Packaging Assembling individual components into complete products or sub-systems is an essential element of ISSYS' strategy. ISSYS has the capability to design and produce the required electronics and packaging to produce a complete product.
Testing & Characterization ISSYS' testing and characterization labs provide feedback for research and development as well as information on finished sensor performance required to appropriately calibrate the sensors. Because ISSYS is developing state-of-the-art sensors, testing and characterization equipment must frequently be custom designed and built.

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