Density Meters

Announcing the latest ISSYS density meters - the MiniDen and the ISDM-10 in-line density meters!

The MiniDen density meter allows you to continuously monitor the density or specific gravity of fluids with minimal package size. It is available with a temperature output and bypass options for higher flow rates. It can be used to monitor changes in chemical concentration. Its ideal for embedded OEM and lab applications. See the MiniDen product brochure. A methanol-water concentration option (the model FC-10) is available.

ISSYS is also launching a new density meter for flammable fluids – the ISDM-10, see ISDM-10 product brochure. This meter is designed to be intrinsically safe and has EX approval for gasoline, diesel fuel, aviation fuel, ethanol and other fuels. See our white paper on using density for fuel monitoring


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