Fuel Cell Concentration Sensors

ISSYS fuel cell sensing technology can be used with:

  • Direct Methanol Fuel Cells (DMFC)
  • Reformed Methanol Fuel Cells
  • Ethanol-Water Fuel Cells
  • Ethylene Glycol-Water Fuel Cells

DMFC's benefit when they employ a methanol concentration sensor. Fuel cell efficiency is improved when a constant methanol concentration can be maintained over time and temperature.

Applications for this technology include laptop computers, PDA's, digital cameras, fork lifts, power supplies, remote battery chargers, video phones, fuel cell test & calibration equipment and video cameras.

ISSYS' new model FC10, which replaces the older FC6, offers unprecedented accuracy, a wide temperature range of performance (5 to 70ºC), a wide and variable concentration range (0 to 5%, 0 to 10%, 0 to 100% for example). The FC10 is also small enough for embedded applications. See the FC10 Brochure for further detail.

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Using a fluid density measurement is an excellent way to measure the methanol to water concentration in a DMFC or methanol-based reformed fuel cell system. ISSYS' sensors can also work with ethanol, ethylene glycol and other fuel cell technologies.

For more information on this technology see the following papers:

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