Company History

Founders Dr. Nader Najafi, Dr. Ken Wise, and Dr. Khalil Najafi established ISSYS in January 1995 to design, develop, manufacture and commercialize innovative products based on high performance microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). Originally created as a way to transfer and commercialize MEMS technology from the leading edge work of its co-founders at The University of Michigan, privately-held ISSYS has focused on developing its core technology, the Dissolved Wafer Process (DWP), and the associated technologies required for the production of MEMS-based products since its inception.

Initially ISSYS focused on developing its core sensing technology and laying in a broad and deep base of intellectual property.

This work involved:

  • Successfully completing multiple technical projects to create innovative MEMS prototypes

  • Assembling an experienced technical and business team

  • Establishing a comprehensive, state-of-the-art MEMS fabrication and manufacturing facility.

  • Completing initial biocompatibility evaluations of ISSYS core technology with promising results

  • Developing products complete with required electronics and packaging to deliver end-user solutions with breakthrough price-to-performance results and completely new capabilities.

As its technology has matured, ISSYS has leveraged its investment by pursuing products in four distinct areas in life and applied sciences. ISSYS is now in the final stages of developing specific products for market launch. It is preparing to finalize its initial product designs and begin to generate product-based revenues in addition to its MEMS Foundry Services revenues. For further information on ISSYS products and services, please click on the links below:

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