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Ultra-High Resolution Products

Exterior package and electronics for ultra-high resolution pressure sensor

ISSYS is developing some of the world's most sensitive capacitive pressure sensing devices. ISSYS' goal is to design, develop, and manufacture the next generation of critical semiconductor process control equipment. These devices will enable highly accurate process control of very sensitive semiconductor fabrication, especially with migration to larger wafers by providing:

  • High sensitivity pressure measurement
  • Unprecedented accuracy at low pressures
  • Stability & reliability
  • Easy fit with current equipment
  • Lower cost

ISSYS anticipates delivering the best available sensitivity and accuracy at much lower pressures compared with sensors currently available.

Key Specifications

Challenge = Diaphragm size
The challenge of fabricating ISSYS' ultra-sensitive pressure sensor diaphragm is analogous to the task of holding a sheet one foot thick covering 71 football fields one foot above the ground with less than one inch height or thickness variation.
The difficulty of fabricating the diaphragm is geometrically proportional to the area - the larger the diaphragm, the more difficult the fabrication.
ISSYS manufactures diaphragms with the highest area to thickness ratio of any device in the world and is the only organization in the world to have accomplished this task.


ISSYS' initial product entry will target a highly attractive void in the currently available products - an ultra-high resolution pressure sensing system that:

  • Operates in ranges of 0 to 1 torr, 0 to 0.1 torr, and 0 to 0.01 torr with unparalleled accuracy
  • Delivers accuracy of better than 0.05% at prototype level.
  • Is vacuum-referenced, temperature compensated, and self-testing capable
  • Incorporates a modular design that supports ISSYS' corrosion resistant electronics and packaging. This combination means that the sensors can provide ultra high resolution in some of the toughest environments.

ISSYS anticipates creating a family of products with different operating ranges and accuracies to serve different market needs, including the lower end needs where price is more important and measurement accuracy is less critical.

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