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ISSYS believes that the greatest challenge in successfully bringing MEMS-based products to market is being able to consistently and repeatably manufacture the MEMS devices and integrate them into systems. To meet this challenge, ISSYS has invested millions of dollars and significant time in establishing its comprehensive facility and state-of-the-art equipment, and continues to invest heavily in this area. ISSYS' fabrication facility can produce millions of MEMS devices per year and can easily be upgraded to quadruple its capacity.

Flexible Manufacturing:

With the help of a 3-year DARPA grant for "Flexible Manufacturing of Dissolved-Wafer Silicon Capacitive Sensors", ISSYS built its fabrication capability around the concept of flexibility. The essence of this approach is using common design elements, equipment, and processes to leverage ISSYS' investment in a MEMS fabrication facility, and bring traditional high-volume economics to a collection of niche volume, higher-value products.

Wet bench used for chemical processing

ISSYS Quality Program:

Anodic Bonder used to bond wafers together

To improve product quality, yields, customer service and manufacturability, ISSYS has a comprehensive quality program. ISSYS is currently ISO 9001:2008 certified. Our quality system is also designed to meet ISO 13485 standards for our medical products. ISSYS quality system is set up to meet the US FDA Quality System Regulation and European Union Medical Device Directive.

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