Micro-Coriolis Mass Flow Meters

Will Provide the Lowest Mass Flow Resolution in the World!

Flow meter users seeking dramatic improvements in the price to performance ratio of the industry's top meters at a price competitive with the low-price alternatives will find ISSYS mass flow meters attractive for a variety of applications.

ISSYS is initially applying this technology to monitoring and controlling IV drug delivery. The ability to measure flow, density, detect air bubbles and occlusion with a single sensor can greatly improve the safety and accuracy of medication delivery. Unlike hot-wire flow sensors a Coriolis meter can measure mass flow of virtually any liquid without recalibration between fluids.

Key Specifications

ISSYS is developing micro-Coriolis based mass flow meters based on its proprietary resonant microtubes that will vibrate very accurately to determine mass flow. These products will be able to provide:

  • Higher accuracy mass flow, density and temperature measurements
  • Accurate low flow measurements
  • Lower costs


Drug infusion, drug development, additives, mixing, industrial processing of very low flow rates


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Coriolis Mass Flow, Density and Temperature Sensing with a Single Vacuum Sealed MEMS Chip; Hilton Head Conference, June 2004

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