MEMS Product Creation : MEMS Fabrication
Product Design MEMS Fabrication Assembly, Testing and Characterization
Anodic Bonding EDP Reactor Cell Wafer with thousands of dies
Simplified Overview Of MEMS Fabrication Of A Typical Pressure Sensor Using Dissolved Wafer Processing
Blank Wafer
The fabrication process starts with a standard, monocrystalline silicon wafer.
KOH Etching
A cavity is formed in the wafer using a wet chemical etching process. This etch determines the separation of the device's capacitive elements.
Deep Boron Diffusion
The base of the capacitive membrane is formed using a deep boron diffusion process.
Shallow Boron Diffusion
The sensor's actual membrane is formed with a shallow boron diffusion process. It is this membrane that will move in response to any changes in the external pressure.
Anodic Bonding
The base of the sensor is attached to a glass substrate using anodic bonding.
Wafer Dissolution
The undoped silicon wafer is literally dissolved away, (hence the process' name), leaving the freestanding microstructure.

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