Precision Microfluidic Products

ISSYS can reliably manufacture microtubes with openings smaller than a human hair.

ISSYS is developing advanced density and flow meters that could dramatically improve accuracy, reduce costs, and change the way numerous industries quantify fluid flows.

ISSYS has produced prototypes that succeed in placing the power of Coriolis Mass Flow Technology on a microchip. These Micro-Coriolis prototypes demonstrate:

  • Improved Accuracy - highly integrated actuation and sensing electrodes that reduce system variability and eliminate errors, improving on the meter's accuracy.
  • Improved Low Flow Capability - with flow tube diameters ranging from 50 microns to 500 microns, ISSYS flow meters can span several orders of flow ranges.
  • Reduced Cost - Given the batch fabrication capabilities of ISSYS' MEMS wafer fabrication technology, ISSYS can produce Micro-Coriolis mass flow meter elements at a significant discount relative to traditional meters.
  • Traditional Coriolis Benefits - Since these devices operate on the same principle as all other Coriolis-based mass flow meters, they retain all of the benefits that have driven their popularity. These include the measurement of true mass flow, provision of accurate density measurement and insensitivity to process conditions.
  • Broad Application - Given the improved accuracy, low cost, and ultra low flow capability, these tiny sensors promise a big impact in a number of fields. Potential applications range from drug development and drug delivery to semiconductor wafer fabrication to analytical chemistry and beverage processing.
  • Drug Infusion Systems - ISSYS, Inc. is developing MEMS-based drug infusion systems.

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