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ISSYS Press Releases

10/24/2013 – ISSYS Inc. will showcase its Titan Wireless Implantable Hemodynamic Monitor and its clinical study summary at the 25th Annual Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT) Conference (Booth 1638) in San Francisco (October 29 to 31, 2013).

10/1/2013 – ISSYS Inc. Awarded Patent for Miniature, Wireless, Implantable Hemodynamic Monitors

7/17/2013 – ISSYSí miniature wireless pediatric implant is showcased in a video made by the University of Michigan Pediatric Medical Device Consortium (M-PED)

3/15/2013 – ISSYS Inc. Awarded A Patent For Wireless, Implantable, Hemodynamic, Pressure Monitor (IHM) for Chronic Monitoring of Cardiovascular Diseases

12/5/2012 – ISSYS receives certification for both ISO-13485:2003 and EN-13980:2002 quality standards

2/14/2012 – NIH grants ISSYS and the University of Michigan a $1.5M grant for the development of pediatric cardiac miniature implants

2/2/2011 – ISSYS gives webinar on MEMS flow and density sensor technology

11/16/2010 – NanoGetters Awarded New Patent for NanoGetter Films

10/6/2010 – ISSYS Announces Manufacturing Expansion

3/23/2010 – NanoGetters and ISSYS increases 8” wafer capacity for getter deposition

2/10/2010 – MEMS Design Patent Granted to ISSYS

9/15/2009 – Two Patents for Microfluidic Device Designs Granted to ISSYS

7/14/2009 – ISSYS Licenses Microtube Patent to Affinity Biosensors

3/9/2009 - ISSYS' New In-Line, Intrinsically-Safe Density Meter (ISDS-08) Featured at Two Upcoming Trade Shows for Fuel Applications

3/4/2009 - ISSYS Inc. Awarded Patent for a New Wireless, Multi-Parameter, Sensing Device and Network

2/4/2009 - ISSYS Receives Patent for New Low Cost Microtube Fabrication Process

5/6/2008 - ISSYS Awarded New Patent for Biochemical Warfare Agent Detection & Treatment System

4/15/2008 - ISSYS Awarded New Patent for a Method of Making Microtubes and Microfluidic Devices

10/2/2007 - ISSYS, Inc. Receives Phase II SBIR Grant from NSF for Development of Wafer-Scale, Hermetic, Hybrid Integration of MEMS and Electronics

9/18/2007 - ISSYS Receives Patent for Fuel & Fluid Quality Sensor

8/21/2007 - ISSYS Receives Patent for Fuel Cell Sensor

7/17/2007 - NSF Awards a Phase I SBIR to ISSYS, Inc. for Investigating Two-Phase Microfluidic Behavior and Nanoliter Bubble Detection

7/5/2007 - ISSYS Awarded a Patent for Wireless, Batteryless, Implantable Sensors

7/17/2006 - ISSYS Launches New Inline Density & Chemical Concentration Meter

6/21/2006 - ISSYS Awarded New Patent for a Resonant Tube Viscosity Sensing Device

4/18/2006 - ISSYS Inc. Awarded a Patent for Wireless, Batteryless, Implantable Sensors

10/06/2005 - ISSYS Inc. Completes $1.97 Million NIST ATP Project for the Development of a MEMS-Based, Portable, Multi-Drug Infusion System

9/20/2005 - Drug Infusion System and Delivery Method Patent Granted to ISSYS

9/16/2005 - ISSYS Obtains Commercialization Funds for Drug Delivery Safety Products

9/14/2005 - ISSYS Awarded New Patent for a Method of Making Microtubes

8/30/2005 - Navy Surface Warfare Center awarded a Phase I SBIR to ISSYS Inc.

8/25/2005 - ISSYS Inc./Nanogetters Awarded New Patent for Getter and Hermetic Packaging Method

8/16/2005 - ISSYS Develops Methanol Concentration Sensor for Fuel Cell Market

6/6/2005 - ISSYS Awarded a Patent for Next-Generation, Smart Catheters

4/20/2005 - ISSYS Presents Their Drug Infusion Safety Device at the 2005 FDA Science Forum in Washington D.C.

12/16/2004 - ISSYS Achieves ISO9001:2000 Certification

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