Partnership Opportunities

ISSYS believes that the best and fastest way to create breakthrough products is by collaborating with others. We are seeking potential partners who desire the advantages that collaboration with ISSYS and our MEMS technology can deliver to their customers.

ISSYS' core technology centers on:

  • Advanced Drug Delivery Systems
  • Implantable, Wireless, Batteryless Pressure Sensors
  • Methanol Concentration Sensors for Fuel Cell Applications
  • Industrial Density Meters
  • Industrial Flow Meters
  • Discussions of potential applications typically include:

  • Product concept, including desired capabilities, size limitations, fidelity/accuracy requirements, sensor resolution requirements, range of operation, duration of use, type of output, and other important factors
  • Market attractiveness, including target customer groups and anticipated market size
  • Possible collaborative arrangements including: joint or contract research and development; joint proposals; ISSYS MEMS foundry services; sales and distribution relationships.
  • If you are interested in discussing potential applications, performance specifications, or potential partnerships, please e-mail

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