Gas Density Meters

FuelSenseTM GD and MassSenseTM GD

ISSYS has developed a small, unique gas density meter, FuelSenseTM GD, that can satisfy the requirements for the energy-related applications and emerging alternative energy fuel market at an affordable price. The density of hydrogen, methane and other flammable gases can be monitored over pressure with the FuelSense gas density meter, Customer safety in harsh environments has been the driving force of many of the features of the meter.

The density meter is often used in a by-pass configuration with large diameter processing pipes. This gas density meter interfaces with an external pressure sensor to compensate for pressure changes.

Remote Data Logging – The meter has an option that enables 2GB of data to be logged and stored internally. A laptop can then be used to extract the data. Six months of density data could be pulled out of a remote meter with this option.

For applications where the gas is not flammable the MassSenseTM version of the density meter can be used. Gas applications include electrical insulation with SF6, gas blending, anesthesia, welding cover gas and various other industrial uses.

Meters without the LCD and push buttons are also available. The FuelSense and MassSense products are CE marked. Download the CE Declaration of Conformity.

Download the Gas Density Sensor Brochure or White Paper on Gas Density Sensing for further detail or email us at

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