Two state-of-the-art ISSYS sensors on a penny. The larger sensor is the world's most sensitive capacitive pressure sensor. The smaller sensor is designed to be inserted in a diagnostic catheter.

Products & Services: Overview

At ISSYS, we specialize in designing and developing innovative products based on high performance MEMS. ISSYS' products provide the highest accuracy, fit the smallest sizes, and have unmatched biocompatibility and corrosion resistance.

ISSYS is using its deep expertise in MEMS to develop its platform technologies that will support a variety of products as well as provide MEMS fabrication services. ISSYS is targeting a number of specific applications within the medical and scientific industries. In some cases, ISSYS' products will replace current high-performance products with new higher-performance alternatives that provide dramatic cost and size reductions. In many cases, ISSYS' products will provide revolutionary new capabilities to its customers.

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