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Requires the lowest sample size in the world!

Save lab space and overhead costs by outsourcing your density, specific gravity and binary concentration sample analysis.

The ISSYS Micro Density Meter allows us to measure density, specific gravity or binary concentration of small liquid samples. Measurement resolution is up to 4 digits. Only a few hundred microliters (L) are needed for a single test. Results are emailed out in less than 24 hours of receipt of the samples. ISSYS will dispose of the sample vials and remaining fluid.

Here's a sampling of what we can test: urine, oil, beverages, gasoline, sucrose, perfumes, coolants, ethanol products, distillation, pharmaceuticals, extract, alcohol, petrochemicals and other liquids with pH values between 1 and 11. Measurements can be made between temperatures of 5C and 75C.

Vials are shipped to ISSYS. For volatile samples an elastomeric septum vial cover is recommended. A syringe needle will be used to go through the septum to take a sample.

Prices depend on the number of samples and disposal requirement. We give price breaks to large volume, repeat customers. Same day courier service is available in the Southeast Michigan region.

For further information, please send an e-mail to, or call (734) 547-9896 ext. 119

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