News & Publications: Technical Papers

Technology leaders at ISSYS have published a number of papers, including:

  1. Wireless MEMS Sensor Platform Compatible with Cell Phones and Laptops, June 2011 [View PDF]

  2. Sensing the density and binary concentration of light, low pressure gases, 2011 [View PDF]

  3. Monitoring and Blending Biofuels Using a Microfluidic Sensor, Journal of ASTM International, Vol. 7, 2010 [View PDF]

  4. Thin Film Getters: Solid State Vacuum Pumps for Microsensors and Actuators, Vacuum Technology & Coating, April 2010 [View PDF]

  5. Using a Density Sensor for Fuel Quality Monitoring, 2010 [View PDF]

  6. Reliable MEMS Vacuum Packaging for Aerospace Applications, MEMS & Sensors for Aerospace Applications 2010, April 2010 [View PDF]

  7. MEMS Coriolis Flow – Mini Technology Makes Its Move On Industry, Flow Control, Jan 2010 [View PDF]

  8. A MEMS-based Coriolis mass flow sensor for industrial applications, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 2009 [View PDF]

  9. Dynamic and kinematic viscosity measurements with a resonating microtube, Sensors and Actuators A 2009 [View PDF]

  10. Embedded MEMS-based concentration sensor for fuel cell and biofuel applications, Sensors and Actuators A, 2008. [View PDF]

  11. Embedded MEMS-Based Concentration Sensor for Improved Active Fuel Cell Performance ; Transducers and Eurosensors '07, June, 2007 [View PDF]

  12. A by-pass sensor packaging design enabling the use of microfluidics in high flowrate applications ; 2006 ASME Meeting, November, 2006 [View PDF]

  13. An all-glass chip-scale MEMS package with variable cavity pressure; Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, October 2006 [View PDF]

  14. MEMS-Based Coriolis Fluid Monitoring, Extending the Lower End of Density & Flowrate Measurement; Flow Control, September 2006 [View PDF]

  15. Small Sensor Measures Viscosity, Patented technique targets automotive oil quality; Design News, September 2006 [View PDF]

  16. A New Methanal Concentration Microsensor for Improved DMFC Performance; Fuel Cell Summit, October 2005 [View PDF]

  17. Long-term evaluation of hermetically glass frit sealed silicon to Pyrex wafers with feedthroughs; Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, June 28,2005 [View PDF]

  18. Micromachined Needles and Lancets with Design Adjustable Bevel Angles; Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, June 17, 2004 [View PDF]
    » Read about ISSYS Drug Infusion Products

  19. Coriolis Mass Flow, Density and Temperature Sensing with a Single Vacuum Sealed MEMS Chip; Hilton Head Conference, June 2004 [View PDF]
    » Read about Micro-Coriolis Mass Flow Meters

  20. Preventing Medication Infusion Errors and Venous Air Embolisms Using a Micromachined Specific Gravity Sensor; Drug Delivery Magazine, May 2004 [View PDF]
    » Read about ISSYS Drug Infusion Products

  21. Reliable Packaging using Nanogetters and Glass Frit Bonding; SPIE, January 2004 [View PDF]

  22. Initial Animal Studies of a Wireless, Batteryless, MEMS Implant for Cardiovascular Applications; Biomedical Microdevices, January 2004 [View PDF]

  23. Developments in Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS): A Manufacturing Perspective; Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, November 2003 [View PDF]

  24. MEMS implant for cardiovascular applications; Micro Nano Newsletter, September 2003 [View PDF]

  25. Chip-Level Vacuum Packaging of Micromachines Using NanoGetters; IEEE Transactions on Advanced Packaging, Vol. 26, Aug. 2003. [View PDF]

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